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Writing and wellbeing

DH Lawrence famously observed that “one sheds one’s sicknesses in books”, which in his case was demonstrably true. But for the rest of us, what is the relationship between writing and wellbeing?  Last week, I delivered a presentation at Reminiscence Network East’s annual conference, on the subject of Creative Writing and Dementia.  My literature research into this […]

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What are literary festivals for?

Like some irresistible, fast-spreading fungal disease, literary festivals have sprung up all over the country in recent years while we weren’t looking.  Every city, town and even large village throughout the UK now boast its own annual literary gathering where, it would appear, the chattering classes meet to listen to an author, drink some indifferent […]

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What do writers need?

Within the last week, I’ve delivered some one-to-one coaching sessions with writers and aspiring writers at Menagerie’s new writing festival ‘Sparks’ in Cambridge and have co-hosted the full-to-capacity Writers’ CafĂ© at University Campus Suffolk as part of Ipswich’s annual Ip-art festival.  It’s set me thinking a lot this week about what writers need to help them […]

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